Waves Workflow Server: WAVES is a highly scalable and reliable enterprise capture solution that enables large organizations to easily and efficiently capture images and data from paper documents, as well as a variety of images and rich media. WAVES has a proven track record even in the most demanding of environments, including real-time banking and government forms processing. The flexibility of the Waves solution lets companies easily define and deploy workflow while integrating the capture process with other enterprise applications. Low footprint, high reliability,secure web-based access – everything you need for enterprise capture work flow without the costs and complexities.

ScanWiz : This scanning solution helps large organizations capture digital images of printed pages and eliminate the inefficiencies and costs of paper-bound processes. The component is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to integrate into a variety of business applications. At the same time, this sophisticated scanning solution was designed to be high performance and enterprise ready. Linked with Waves, the automated workflow capabilities keep staffing requirements to a minimum while intuitive image handling and document verification help keep error rates low.

Waves Data Entry: The WAVES Data Entry Agent enables large organizations to optimize and automate indexing and data entry processes. The software requires minimum source-code customization to meet the most detailed extraction and processing requirements. Both structured and unstructured data is captured automatically from each scanned image using a variety of sophisticated business rules and templates. Data entry via menus and selection lists works to reduce operator intervention and human error.Robust validation includes data type checking, restricted value entry, database look-ups and more. Benefiting from enterprise capture requires the ability to integrate images and data with minimum intervention and maximum efficiency. The WAVES Data Entry Agent makes that possible with optimal data quality and productivity. Best of all, the agent was built to easily integrate into a variety of business applications providing the flexibility and efficiency needed for enterprise-wide deployment.

Waves Indexer: The WAVES Index Agent helps enterprise organizations minimize the time and effort required to manually index document images for later online retrieval. This software requires very little customization to meet even the most detailed requirements for marking and tagging scanned pages into predefined document types. The operator interface is intuitive and easy to use, while sophisticated features like automated data and document type validation help keep error rates low and staffing requirements to a minimum. It is one thing to automate the process of scanning paper to a digital file, but it is another to automate the act of capturing the metadata information you need to find it later. The WAVES Index Agent was developed to eliminate the complexity and reduce manual intervention while providing enterprise-level accuracy and performance. The agent is proven,reliable and efficient in the most demanding 24x7 business applications.

Waves DashBoard : The WAVES Dashboard Agent helps organizations more efficiently manage data and image capture across the enterprise, while the Reporter Agent helps you effectively analyze and report on the results of the process. Using the dashboard,operations supervisors track the status of work items processed by different agents, queues and users in the workflow system. With the Reporter Agent, IT analysts can generate a variety of reports to analyze productivity, accuracy and efficiency, and even schedule file upload data to other business applications. Enterprise systems require enterprise performance, and the WAVES Dashboard Agent was purposefully designed to provide a complete real time environment in which administrators can adjust and optimize ongoing activities for peak productivity. The Reporter Agent provides detailed and historical data needed to ensure the process continues to perform optimally over time.

Cloud Capture: With Waves Cloud Capture,large companies can now scan directly to the cloud. This means that companies with geographically distributed capture requirements can quickly deploy an enterprise scanning solution. Our Powerful scanning software based on over 20years of development provides a variety of scanning options directly in your browser. It connects with most popular scanners and pushes scanned images and data to a Waves server or the cloud for onward processing or decision making.

Mobile Capture: Organizations like Banks, Insurance and Telecom companies are today looking to capture customer information right at the point of origination. This is being done for customer service, to improve reach and most importantly to reduce cost and improve turn around time. Being able to quickly and accurately capture and input customer information also improves compliance. Waves Mobile Capture has been designed to work with a variety of mobile devices to capture information and quickly upload the compressed images and data to a Waves server or the cloud for on ward processing or decision making.