Waves Workflow

The Waves product family includes capture & recognition, indexing, storage, archival, retrieval, viewing and workflow.

WAVES combines Imaging and Workflow to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. WAVES is a scalable and customisable solution designed for complex needs and large volumes. Our clients have realised significant returns on their investments as well as productivity improvement immediately after deployment of WAVES. The Waves solution suite is available as an installed thick client application or as a subscription based platform in the Cloud.


To create powerful Document Capture, Management and Workflow software products that will transform the way companies work - thereby driving Efficiency while reducing the Cost of operations and improving Compliance.

Factors that make WAVES popular are :


Our innovative software solutions have been built from the ground up to offer exceptional performance even with extremely high volumes and distributed environments.

Ease of use

The WAVES Architecture will transform complex business customer needs into a user-friendly solution which is simple to learn and use.


With over 20 years of experience we have the in-depth knowledge needed to deploy a scalable solution that meets the customer's needs for today and tomorrow. We have installations that started small and have grown to thousands of users across hundreds of locations.